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Did You Know

The Apostle Paul states in 1 John 4 verse 6: “Little Children, let no one deceive you”. The children reference is referring to us as Children of God, so it is speaking to all of us as followers of Our Lord and Our Friend.

Did you know, the story of Halloween?

Halloween came into being during the first century as a day of remembrance for those who suffered martyrdom for their belief in and faithfulness to Jesus Christ. Such was the large number of martyrs, in those times, that a day was appointed to honor them and was called ‘All Saints Day’.

The evening proceeding this day was ‘All Hallows Eve’, which later, in the forth century, became known as Halloween {or Holy evening}.

Although Halloween had a very legitimate beginning, unfortunately through the passage of time it has deteriorated into an event with very negative, and even sister overtones. Halloween generally connotes things that are dark and evil.

Our Lord and Our Friend forbids us to be involved, with anything honoring the powers of darkness, because these things oppose Him.

"Little children let no one deceive you".

God Bless.

O F J.


Fear - the most irrational of emotions we can ever experience. We don’t dance like maniacs after walking through a spidersweb because we are exhillerated by it, no, we dance about, smacking ourselves, making noises that cause the neighbourhood cats to hide because we think that a massive spider is crawling down our shirt, or waiting patiently in our hair for the right time to bite through our scalp and turn our insides to juice.

Poor spider. Some massive, lumbering clumsy giant just invaded and destroyed it’s home and it’s made out to be the bad guy. Poor thing’s probably hiding in the only remaining corner of it’s web pinching itself in disbelief!

Fear makes us do irrational things, it whispers to us in the dark assuring us with a 100% certainty that there is someone hiding under your bed, that those shadows are an axe wielding mass murder, that your are definately going to plummit from the sky in fiery rage the next time you board a plane.

Yet the most irrational thing fear does to us, is that it paralyses us. It stops us dead in our tracks, or causes us to turn on our heel and run away. We don’t go to the doctor’s because we are afarid that little lump may be a little bit more nasty than just a little lump, we don’t check under the hood of our car because if something’s wrong that means it needs to be fixed, which means money that we just don’t have. Yet this stalling is doing us more harm than good. Obviously dealing with a small lump, or looking under the hood early gives you a good chance of dealing with a problem before it gets worse.

The sad thing is we know this, and while we are fearful about it happening, we take a good long look at our life and say, “it can’t/won’t happen to me” and we go huddle in the corner, worrying and fretting over it. The fear has halted you, yet you feel justified, because it won’t happen to you.

I’m not here to say it will. I’m saying that if you’re afraid of the dark turn on the light. Nothing can hide in light.

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."

So where does fear come from if it doesn’t come from God, why does he even let us experience fear?

Fear to me stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real. Basically something is making you believe that something that is not likely to happen is going to happen. We are the worst at telling ourselves what our own limitations are, or what others think of us, because we try to put ourselves in that situation, ask ourselves how we would react, cloud our judgment with our own nervous fretting, and before you know it, we’re stuck in a bear trap of fear.

We ain’t going nowhere!

But that’s not the way it should be. God created us with a spirit of power, love and sound mind, meaning he gave us all the tools we need to beat fear. You see the devils biggest tactic against those working for the kingdom of God is to stop them. You’ve got a target on your back, and he will do anything he can from stopping you from advancing the kingdom of God. You see, he’s vindictive, his mindset is “If I’m going down I’m bringing as many as I can down with me.” And stopping you in your tracks is the best way he can ensure the kingdom of God is not spread amongst the people.

Those whispers in the night, those harsh self doubts and denials are the enemies lies, and accusations. He plants the seed of doubt, that seed grows into fear, and that fear if not dealt with can rule us!

The good news is God gave us the power (authority) over the enemy and his lies, call them what they are, lies, and the enemy loses a foothold he has over you. God has given you a spirit of love to be the benchmark upon which everything is tested. If it’s not of Love, it’s not off God. This is a great tool for identifying the works of the enemy and the false evidence he is bringing against you. When you can see what he’s doing, you have the advantage to counter what he’s doing. The best way to do that is with…

A sound mind. God has given us His mind, His wisdom, the ability to rationalise and realise. If you fill your mind with the Word of God, nothing, and I repeat NOTHING the enemy can throw your way can succeed!

Don’t be filled with fear, Let God be light in your darkness, and watch as the shadow flees upon the encroaching brilliance of the light! Remember when you have Jesus, You have the power. And that fills Satan with Fear!

Blessings - The Kid

Journey Of Faith


I always believe we take God with us where ever we go. If you can visualize a blackboard and a yellow piece of chalk.

When we start the day we invite God to be with us, usually through prayer or reading our bibles. (we believe starting the day with God is the best way to start the day, and ensures you don’t forget, as the fatigue of the day wears you down at night) The yellow chalk would show the beginning of it’s journey across the blackboard, from left to right, left being the start of the day the right being the end of the day, the yellow chalk to symbolize the places we have been with Him.

Sometimes, as is only humans fallible nature we walk through the filth of the enemy, meaning that the yellow chalk line may change to brown or grey in parts. This is usually when we do something God would not like us doing, sin.

No yellow line can ever remain pure, we all sin at times, but no matter how much brown or grey is in it, God hasn’t given up on us.

For a Christian, we hope that when we look at the blackboard after our daily journey, our line is made up of a majority of yellow.

The yellow in this demonstration represents God’s light, the blackboard represents the darkness of the world system.

We need to take God’s light into the darkness. So that what was once all darkness, has now been changed by us, as vessel who God uses to take His Light into darkness.

Well with this in mind my current job has me traveling about 24000 kilometers every 3 months, my life line would have a lot of yellow (I believe) and a bit of brown and grey (I am not perfect only redeemed) across the darkness of our city.

Each day I try to make my Journey with God better and strive, against my human nature to fill as much of my day with God’s light, Hoping to shine some yellow onto other people’s blackboards. Giving them a starting point for their own walk with God, their own Journey of faith.

(If you are interested in learning how to take a step into leading others into a faith walk with Jesus, We recommend you take a look at a book called “Taking our cities for God” by John Dawson. We’d only be too happy to help you find a copy if you would like one)

Let us challenge you, as we walk together as brothers and sisters of Christ to become a person aware that we carry God with us. We in our own power can’t change much, but He can do a lot through us. If we’re willing!


Mathew 5 verse 14 to 16:

"You are the light of the world, a city situated on a hill cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, but rather a lamp-stand, and gives it light, for all in the house to see. In the same way let your light shine, before men, so that they may see your good works,and give glory to your Father in heaven."

From the desk of the ‘Old Fellow’ John

God bless