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Faith In Action “Trust’

In John 14 verse 1: We read: “Your heart must not be troubled. Believe in God”.

Our actions are not for self satisfaction, they are our response to His love for us.

Jesus spoke this scripture verse leading up to His crucifixion.

Jesus had just washed the disciples feet: John 12 verses 1 to 10;

One of His disciples Judas’s betrayal was predicted: John 13 verse 21 to 30:

Jesus gives us a New Commandment: John 13 verse 34:

Cleansing, Betrayal, Newness. Betrayal seems the odd word out here. Many people follow Jesus for the wrong reasons and when they find out. they are not getting what they want from following, they leave dishearten, and even committing some kind of betrayal to their original actions of following Him.

Jesus was meeting His disciples for the final time before His crucifixion. How could this be His disciples must have thought? Great things happened around Jesus, they were enjoying their time following Him, but trouble lay ahead.

Jesus knew what lay ahead for Him, and His disciples, but He still stated: “Your heart must not be troubled”. It is important to see the context, because, Our Lord and Our Friend was telling them He would be leaving them, and there were some dark times ahead, for Himself and His followers.

Some translations put it this way: “Let not your heart be troubled”. Life as the disciples knew it was about to change for all time,

Sometimes we all come to a cross road in our own lives. Speaking for my family  it was a difficult year last year, my wife was diagnosed with cancer, our lives had seem to come to a halt, with the evidence looking serious. The only place where we could and would turn, was to take the situation to Our Lord and Our Friend, We have had many uplifting times,and a lot of difficult times, during the treatment my wife is going through.

So we know what it is to have a troubled heart, but we also know the Love that Our Lord and Our Friend, has for us all, because of what He suffered on the Cross to give us new hope.

Faith in all situations is an action, an action to trust, and take hold of the Words of Our Lord and Our Friend, and sometimes those actions are more easily said, than put into actions.

Trust involves Faith and as His Word put it: Hebrews 11 verse 1: “Now faith is the reality of what is hoped for the proof of what is not seen”.

Trust and Faith takes hold of Our Lord and Our Friend’s Words, “Your heart must not be troubled”.

Faith Is an action, which is unworkable without real trust, in The God who loved us, and die for us, and rose again, to show us there is nothing we can go through that should trouble our hearts, once we accept Him as Our Lord and Our Friend.

God Bless,

 O F J

Scripture Verse Of The Week ‘Isaiah 53 verse 5’


Isaiah 53 verse 5: “But He was pierced because of our transgress, crushed because of our iniquities; punishment for our peace was upon Him, and we are healed by His wounds”.

Easter time, is to be celebrated again, not because as a religious festival, it has come around again, but because of the great forgiveness we have because Christ Jesus died in our place.

The cross is at the crossroads of every book, and verse in the Bible, and Isaiah 53, clearly displays this. This is a miraculous portion of scripture, giving us ab advanced look at the life, death and Resurrection of our Lord.

The prophetic details written hundred of years before Christ came, indicate how blessed we are, when we accept why He came, and what He did for us all on the cross.

The cross was not a mere accident of history or a random act of violence. As the next verse puts it: “We all went astray like sheep; we all have turned to our own way; and the Lord has punished Him for the iniquity of us all”.

It is not only prophetic; it is powerful and direct, at revealing the great redemptive purpose of Why Jesus was born, Why He lived as one of us, Why He suffered rejection and death. He did it for us, He was pierced because of out transgression, crushed because of our wrong-doings, He came to pay in full the transgressions, that separated us from The Loving God that created us all.

Easter is a time of reflection, in how much God loves us, that He would come to pay a price for our transgressions {wrong-doings against Him}. as we reflect this Easter bath yourself in the fact of how much God loves you, and turn to Him in repentance and acceptance,

Let this Easter be a life changing experience, as we reflect in His loving Grace.

God Bless.

O F J.

The Two Offerings


This is based on a story from the Book of Genesis. Adam and Eve gave birth to their first to children Cain and Able.

The point of this story, is we can not hide anything from Our Lord and Our Friend. it is also a widely known saying ‘confession is good for the soul’. When I was putting this article together, I received an article on facebook, from my cousin Ruth {one of our guest writers}, the article depicted a lady going to her minister to confess a wrong-doing. The minster’s reply was I already know I read it on facebook. It seems to have become a place, where the saying ‘confession is good for the soul’ is apparently used.

Our Lord and Our Friend doesn’t need that kind of help, he knows everything anyway, and is just waiting for us to come to Him, to relieve us of the burden of any-wrong doing we may have committed.

Our Lord and Our Friend sees us in times, where we are weighed down, by the things we do wrong. He will never just take them from us, but He will prompt us that we need to confess and give them to Him, so we can be free of them.

Cain and Able even though they were brothers, they were two completely different people. Abel was more devoted to The Lord than Cain and brought an offering to the Lord that pleased Him. Cain’s offering, however, did not find favor with The Lord. Cain grew angry and downcast.

The Lord warned Cain that sin was crouching at his door and desired to control Him, Sin can do that, if we take our eyes off Our Lord and Our Savior. Cain gave into sin and killed his brother Abel. The Lord asks Cain where Abel was? The Lord already knew, but was prompting Cain to confess what He had done.

We can’t hide anything from God. we were created to be sons and daughters of Our Loving creator God, but because of sin {wrong-doing against Him}, some are now living like orphans and slaves.

Sins {wrong-doings} separate us fro a loving God, Confession and acceptance of all He has done for us, gives us adoption into His family, and sets us free from the power of sin, that will always tries to separate us from Him.

God Bless.

O F J.

Reflective Moment ‘The Gospel Of Jesus Christ’


Don’t be ashamed of The Gospel Of Our Lord Our Redeemer and Our Friend, believe and receive it as the power to transform our lives, and all those that take the time to hear.

The Gospel doesn’t only prevail when there are no competition, it shines most brightly when it is held up to other faiths, Secular religions, like the teachings of Darwinism, can not make the same boast. They do not do well when faced with competition. They try to eliminate rivals, and work tirelessly take away any teaching that will expose them.

Real Faith—- particularly Faith in Christ Jesus, welcomes any challenge.

john 8 verse 32: Our Lord and Our Friend speaking:

"You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free".

Our Lord and Our Friend commanded His followers {Us} to advance His me sage by the irresistible force of His love and the power of His truth.

A person with an argument, can always be knocked off their soap box, by a person with the experience of His Love and His Power.

God Bless.


Faith in Action ‘Underlying Faith’


Actions mean little without underlying faith. Galatians 6 verse 9 tells us:

"So we must not get tired of doing good, for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up."

We must never get tired of using our faith, as  an action of what we believe.

Galatians 6 verse 10: “Therefore,as we have opportunity, we must work for the good of all, especially for those who belong to the household of faith”.

if we have opportunities to do good, because of our faith, we must take that opportunity. We can use our faith to build up and help, those who believe as well.

Faith naturally leads to actions. Repentance and a changed life are inseparable. Faith without works is lifeless. Repentance must be tired to action, or it isn’t real. Following Our Lord and Our Friend means more than saying the Words, it means acting on what He says.

Faith in action, never grow tired of doing good, God uses the actions of faithful people. It is a joy to share your faith with people that may not know Our Lord and Our Friend. It is just as, joy bringing when we help lift a brother or sister, who may be struggling.

We are all Prophets, Priest and Kings. A Prophet is a person who has an uplifting message, such as saying to somebody, ‘God loves you’, that will get their attention, they will either want to hear more, or they will not want to know, but at least we spoke out in faith and it is true God does love them.

A Priest is a person, that ministers understanding, and helps out where it is possible for them to do so, or they know places where the help that may be needed can be obtained. Like a local church.

As a King we will reign with Christ. 2 Timothy 2 verse 12:

It is important to know what God’s Word says, but it is much more important to obey it. We can measure the effectiveness of our Bible study time by the effect it has on our behavior, attitudes and actions.

Be strong in faith.

God bless.

O F J.

Be More Than A Listener


Listening to The Word of God will sure build us up, it is like indulging on good food, the good food is good for nourishment for our bodies, The Word of God is wonderful nourishment for us body, soul and spirit. But unless we exercise, just to intake of good food, is not all good, because our bodies will just put on excess weight. which can lead to other problems.

Our bodies have been created with a purpose in mind, by a Loving God, sure he wants us to partake of good food, but His plans for us is an active purpose, a doing purpose. The Good food is for energy, to produce the active and doing purpose.

Just like listening and digesting His word, it is for an active and doing purpose. Even though sometimes God’s Word may be difficult to enact, and may not make sense from our human understanding, what Our Lord and Our Friend requires us to do, will always bring blessing, joy, and peace to our lives. 

We are all good consumers, but we also need to be doers of the things, that build our relationship with our Loving God, who created us. so we can be effect in His plans of growing His Kingdom.

1 Samuel 3; Is God calling of Samuel; Lets look at a few verses from the Chapter;

V10: “The Lord came, stood there, and called as before, ‘Samuel, Samuel!’ Samuel responded, ‘Speak, for Your servant is listening’.”

V11; “The Lord said to Samuel, ‘I am about to do something in Israel that everyone who hears about it will shudder’”

Our response there might have been why are you telling me Lord. Samuel not only received the message, but got on with what the Lord wanted Him to do.

Samuel obedience to listening: 

V19: “Samuel grew, and The Lord was with him and let nothing He said prove false”.

James 1 verse 25: “But the one who looks intently into the perfect law  of freedom {God’s Word] and perseveres in it, and is not forgetful but a doer who acts— this person will be blessed in what he {she} does”.

More than a listener, let all be Intent in Listening to The Word of God, Perseveres in the things Our Lord and Our Friend ask us to do, and be active in doing the things God has called  us to do.

God Bless.

O F J.

God Can’t Fit In A Box


God is not limited, He is limitless, and we can’t put Him in a box.There are too many boxes in which we are expected to find God in.
We need to do this, we need to do that, depending into which box about God we look in.

Psalm 93 verse 2: “Your throne has been established from the beginning, You are from eternity”.

John 8 verse 32: Jesus said the Truth will set you free, pity if we look in the wrong box, we could get a boxed eye view of Truth. The Glory of The Lord can be seen everywhere, but most people miss it.

The glory of The Lord can’t be contained to a box.

Exodus 33 verses 7 to 11: If we look at where Moses spoke to God. The ‘tent of meeting ’ was located outside the  camp, that is some distance away from where the people lived. The boxed mentality of God.

The Glory of  The Lord is to be seen outside the camp. Outside because it can’t be contained to man’s ways. If we want to speak to God face to face, do we desire it enough to go outside, current ways outside any box mentality.

Perhaps because the Glory of The Lord is to be seen outside the camp, it gives a fairly strong hint that , if we want intimacy with God, we may not find Him in the confines of our current understanding, but outside it.

Too many people are trying to keep the status quo, and are happy with what they know about God. He created the known universe, and people are apparently still discovering things in the great unknown of outer space.

I have a saying I share with a lot of people, How big is God, and ask them to draw a large circle to represent His vastness. Then I ask them to be honest a and draw a circle in the circle, to represent how much they know about God. Some being quite humble draw a pin head, but most draw a small circle.

There is so much space in the rest of the circle, that represents the vastness of God, It really makes one think. The God that created us wants us to search and find out more about Him, and I am sure with this limited life time we have on earth, we will still have plenty of things to learn about Him in eternity.

Does a box mentality about God allow Him to lead into a radical life-change? Romans 2 verse 4:{Message Bible}:

"In kindness He takes us firmly by the hand and leads us into a radical life-change".

Does a box mentality allow our thinking to be disrupted and confronted?

Our Lord and Our friend said Himself in Luke 49 to 51: {Message Bible}:

"I’ve come to start a fire on this on this earth—-how i wish it were blazing right now! I’ve come to change everything, turn everything right side up—-how I long for it to be finished! Do you think I came to smooth things over and make everything nice/ Not so, I’ve come to disrupt and confront".

Can A box mentality, contain more than we can dream of?  Our Lord and Our Friend tell us in John 10 verse 10: {Message Bible}:

"I came so they {us} can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they {us} ever dreamed of".

Don’t settle for the status quo, Our God is an Awesome God, and there is always more to be found out about His great love for us.

God Bless.

O F J.

Faith In Action ‘Wholeness’


Wholeness seems to have taken on new meanings, in our cultures: Looking good. keeping fit, it is all about physical health. There seems to be an obsession.

Wholeness which includes our physical bodies, has another side, Spiritual Health. If we look at wholeness from the Gospel of Luke, it is Luke’s favorite theme, which is not surprising considering Luke is a Doctor.

Wholeness what does it mean? What does it mean to be made whole? This is what Luke believed when he spoke of Salvation. So it must be said. we can’t be completely whole until we accept by God’s Grace the Salvation He offers.

We live in a fallen world, and trying to fix fallen bodies, can only do so much for one’s wholeness. Acceptance of Our Lord and Our Friend is the start of a new journey in Him and with Him, the intensity of our working on our wholeness needs to increase.

The Gospel of Luke shows Jesus as concerned for people’s physical and mental health, Jesus was moved with compassion for those who were in bondage to disease or demons. Wholeness in terms of all-round health was His concern.

This means as His followers, we should be not only concerned with our own well being and wholeness, but for others who have not come to know the great Salvation, He has for them.

But like our Relationships, with Our Lord and Our Friend and others Wholeness is a continual process. Just as we need not over indulge in what we eat, and the need for physical exercise, we as His followers need  to have a regular intake of His Word, and to exercise our faith, and let our faith be an action, of all He is to us.

God Bless.

O F J.

Scripture Verse Of The Week ‘2 Corinthians 10 verse 4’


2 Corinthians 10 verse 4:

"Since the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly, but are powerful through God for the demolition of stronghold. We demolish arguments".

The best way to defeat an enemy is by tactics, they are not even expecting. Lets look back at the story of Jericho {Joshua Chapter 6}: How could the military might of a secure city, think they would be defeated by people marching around the walls of the city.

Pride of life for one, Pride could not believe it could be beaten by such a humbling act. The people were marching around the walls in silence, not responding to the jeers of the people who thought they were safe.

People marching around in silence made no military sense at all, but by marching the people were gaining spiritual authority, by exercising faith, obedience and self control.

The world reason may say give as good as you get, not realizing in a way they are right. This is not a tit for tat strategy.  If people put there best into attacking us, we should give the best we have in God, to stand against them. Just as Pride can be brought down by humility.

Fiery darts will come, but as we raise the Shield of Faith, we must take up the Sword of The Spirit to stand against all wickedness that tries to come against us. The Sword of The Spirit is The Word of God and there is awesome power in God’s Word.

Obedience, with humility, through the Word of God, will bring down many strongholds.

God Bless.

O F J.

Repentance, Acceptance, Forgiveness.


To be tempted is not the same as sinning. God created Adam and Eve to be free so they could worship Him freely. God did not want coerced worship; He wanted authentic worship. So God gave Adam and Eve a free will to worship  Him. If they were forced to worship God, it would not have been authentic worship; that is not true freedom.

For Adam and eve to be free, they had to have the ability to both reject God  and worship Him freely. Adam and Eve fully understood what God expected of them. If Adam and eve were never tempted in their loyalty to their Creator, they would have remained in immaturity. God only put condition on them not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

God created all the trees in the garden, and told them to freely eat of all the trees accept one. Adam and Eve sin by disobeying God’s Word.and eating of the only tree God told not to eat from. By this act they were rebelling against God’s authority.

Original sin means that when Adam and Eve fell, their act of disobedience affected the whole human race. This may be contentious, in how this is understood. Read it for yourself in Genesis Chapter 3.

The story of Adam and Eve’s fall is a profound account of humanity’s greatest tragedy, Our separation from a Good and Holy God.  There was nothing we could do on our own, to return us to relationship with God.

Christ Jesus can and will rescue us. the death of Jesus is the only place where we can find forgiveness for our sin and strength to overcome it. Only the cross can free us from the power of sin.

Through Christ Jesus’ resurrection, we have new life, the life that was lost by original sin. We can either accept it, and have our relationship with a Good and Holy God restored or reject it and live in the consequences of separation from Him.

We either worship God and have fellowship with Him or worship false gods, today’s false gods include, money, sex, legalism and power. We are created to live in fellowship with a loving God, if we reject that, we leave ourselves open to other influences that are outside God’s protection.

We have such a Wonderful, and Loving God, the choice to be made is easy.

God Bless.

O F J.